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City Winds Trio - Musical Innovations Photos

Photos from a Musical Innovations Session

The children playing our "create your own melody game". We hand out signs that contain notes and the children create a melody that our flute then plays for them so they can hear what they created.

The children have created a wonderful melody that we then performed for them. This is an important exercise for the children because it allows them to compose music just as Mozart did when he was about their age.

A child partaking in the "use your imagination art project". She drew a wonderful picture depicting a happy scene after the trio performed a cheerful sounding piece.

Musical Innovations also has a "use your imagination" segment. For younger children and/or groups of 50 or less we have an art project. The trio plays three short pieces that express different emotions. We then ask the children to use their imaginations and to draw a picture of what the music is making them feel. For the older children and/or groups larger than 50 we have them tell us a story that they create by using their imaginations of what the music made them feel. We have been told some wonderful stories from the incredible children we have worked with in the past.

A Musical Innovations participant learning how to hold and play a violin. We bring along a violin for every child to try.

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