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City Winds Trio - Musical Innovations II

Musical Innovations II - An Enrichment Program

Musical Innovations II is a special enrichment program that introduces young children to classical music and the instruments of an orchestra through appreciation and discovery. Musical Innovations II is presented in either an eight or eleven week time frame. Each session ranges from 35 minutes to 45 minutes long. Musical Innovations II was created and is presented each week by Professional Flutist, Crispian Fordham & Professional Oboist, Meredyth Coleman.

Each session of the program the children will hear live classical music, create their own melodies or rhythms, play several musical instruments and a series of art projects.

  • The children will get to play a violin and several rhythm instruments.
  • Some of the art projects include making a rhythm instrument, creating their own melody through use of finger paint, making either a Mozart/Beethoven mask or puppet, etc.
  • The children will get to hear and perform each session with professional musicians.

The ages appropriate for Musical Innovations II are 2 and up. We limit each class to only 12-15 children because of the hands on nature of the program. If more than 15 children sign up we can give several classes to accommodate all children that desire to participate.

In the section (Information about our members) you will find more information about Musical Innovations II co-creators, Crispian Fordham & Meredyth Coleman. Mr. Fordham and Ms. Coleman have been presenting the Musical Innovations programs since 2002 in Montessori Schools and Public Libraries throughout the East Coast. See our Musical Innovations page for pictures of our basic program.

Please email with any further questions you might have pertaining to the program:

Calendar for 8 & 11 Week Sessions

Week 1: The children are introduced to the oboe, flute, and the violin. Also the children learn how to properly hold and play the violin. The children are introduced to a musical melody. Then Mr. Fordham and Ms. Coleman play four short pieces of music each having a different emotion. We then ask the children to draw pictures to what each piece represents to each child.

Week 2: This week we first play two pieces of music that sound very different and the children tell us which one they liked and why? Then the children get to build their own melody on the melody board and then we play their melody so they can hear what they created.

Week 3: Today the children get to meet many new instruments of the orchestra. They meet the Fife, Alto Flute, Piccolo, Penny Whistle, Trumpet, English horn and more. Music is played on each instrument so the children can hear the difference between each instrument. Art Project: the children create their own melody in staff paper with finger paint and their fingers!

Week 4: Today the children are introduced to rhythm. They are taught basic rhythm such as: quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter and eighth, eighth, quarter. They get to try these rhythms on several different rhythm instruments such as: cymbals, sand block, wood block, bells, triangle and wood block.

Week 5:Today the children get to create their own rhythm shaker. Later in the half-hour the children accompany the flute and oboe with their rhythmic instruments and bells.

Week 6: The children are introduced to Mozart today. We play several different Mozart pieces so the children can hear his brilliant music. Art Project: the children get to make Mozart sock puppets.

Week 7: The children make a Mozart information booklet with words and pictures. They participate in a Mozart and movement activity.

Week 8: Today the children get to sing with the trio. Our bassoon player joins us and introduces the children to a bassoon and a clarinet. The children perform twinkle little star, the itsy bitsy spider, row, row, row your boat with our professional trio accompanying them.

Week 9: The children learn about dynamics today. They will be able to recognize the difference between a piano (p) and a forte (f). The will do a movement activity involving dynamics while listening to our live music.

Week 10 & 11: Wrap up and concert preparation. We will review rhythm, melody, and dynamics. The children will practice their songs for the concert for their parents.

*The 8-week session is a little modified but basically the first 7-8 weeks with one week devoted to concert preparation if a concert is desired.

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